Austin Berenz

 Hi my name is Austin Berenz im 18 years old and from Wisconsin. I have been hunting since I was about 10 years old, ever since I can remember I always went along with my dad, grandpa and uncle waterfowl hunting, turkey hunting and deer hunting. They're the ones that first got me involved with the love for the outdoors and they taught me everything I needed to know at such a young age. A couple years ago I decided to start filming hunts, I thought this was a great way to share my experiences in the outdoors with family and friends. Little did I know that a few years into filming it would become something I fell in love with more then hunting itself. Filming my adventures in the outdoors gave me the ability to relive every moment over and over again. This was the most satisfying part of it because it gave me the opportunity to show others that there is more then just the killing part of hunting. It allowed me to show others all the challenges and  emotions that go into each hunt!

 Being able to relive the huge rush of adrenaline myself and others get everytime after taking an animal is absolutely amazing. Filming can be one of the most frustrating things when it comes down to trying to capture it all on film but in the end when you get it all done it can be just as rewarding as the trophy you harvested. This is just one reason why I love the wonderful sport of hunting and everything it has to offer and the reason I love sharing all my hunts with people like you.