My name is Eric Phillips AKA



First I would have to say that I have not always been just a hunter. I started off doing more fishing than hunting. As the years went on I slowly started doing more hunting than fishing. Now I'm at the point were I tell myself I need to go fishing sometime. Then came bow fishing and frogging. Which I'm looking forward to getting to start doing more of. I still will be on the water and get to hunt. I'll just throw a few catfish jugs out when nobody's looking. So what made me want to film hunts. Well I've always played with the thought of filming my own hunts. Started off with the glasses that recorded. Then went to small cameras, contour and slowly moved up to a real camcorder. The biggest optical for self filming to me is you have to know where you are going to hunt and have it already ready to go for the most part. Then there was the whole camera mount and arm that was smooth,easy to use and stable. So I made my own and steadily try to improve it every year. Bird hunting is my favorite type of hunting by far. It is almost impossible for me to just have just a camera and no gun at a dove shoot. As long as there are a few birds flying every now and then. I'm happy as can be. Well that about sums it up. So I hope you enjoy the shows and happy hunting. Remember as long as you have peaceful and safe hunt. Then that was a good hunt you can't get the big one every time.